Midnight Rants.

by reenaissance

Wow it’s 1:04 a.m and I still didn’t do my revision for tomorrow’s paper! I am basically fucked for that, so I guess I just have to read basic things about music. Yeah it’s my music paper tomorrow, not to mention it starts at 9 in the morning. Yeah that’s great! I just don’t have the mood to study tonight, been thinking about a lot of things. And I forced myself to talk to a lot of people just to make me forget that I’m actually pretty sad right now. Hmm I just hope I’ll (at least) remember this:


Our music tutor also promised to give us A for the subject. I’ll also do my best for my paper tomorrow morning but if I didn’t get A or A- for my paper consider him to be a promise-breaker yeah, can I even think like that? :p