Random Things #1

by reenaissance

I just finished with one of the most twisted paper ever today. It was a paper for my Critical Thinking subject, where it was in multiple-choice questions and all the answers options are pretty much related and you just have to pick the most accurate one. I I have no idea if I can get good grades for that. But meh, I’ve tried hard for that. Hopefully everything goes well for me 🙂 Btw I’ve hoarded a couple of pics since a few days ago, just wanna show you guys these:



I’ve downloaded VPET for my iPhone. I’m so happy to get to play this again but I got bored after playing it for 3 days 😦



Went to a local supermarket recently and I spotted this. It’s kinda funny, because it literally translates to “Fresh Pensive Fish”, a pretty funny name for a fish yeah :p



I took a short evening nap and when I woke up I saw these. On my face. My cats tends to be creepy but it’s still pretty adorable :3



Jacky the Visitor visits our house again few days ago!



Sister took a random pic of me. Never did I know it turned out to be this ‘panoramic’ or however it is called.

Gotta update with lots and lots of weird stuffs again soon, hang in there okay? Cheerio!