Random Things #2

Hello fellow readers. It’s been a long time and FYI, I’m just done with my final exam, it’s been a tiring month. I’m so glad I’m done with all of it, so now it’s time for me to enjoy this 2 months holiday (yeay!). BTW I have a couple of random pictures to be shared, so here they are:



Watched a Thai movie called Pee Mak Phrakanong last week. That dude has been my massive Asian crush ever since *hearts*



Bought my very very first 12″ vinyl. And I promised myself it has to be Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon and look what I’ve got! (the 2nd one would be Daft Punk’s Random Access Memories!)



Talking about Random Access Memories, even Mona Lisa can’t resist it. Found this picture on Instagram, it’s kinda funny.



Ordered this beauty from Zalora. I never thought I would be a regular Zalora shopper but look what happened!



My eldest sister got married last May. And this was her pelamin, I really adore it!



Not sure if I wanna eat it or not. NSFW joke here lol!