Panic Attacks!

by reenaissance

Hello all! I’ve been experiencing with weird things nowadays, and one of them is called “panic attacks”. As some people thought that panic attacks aren’t real, I am here to assure you that IT IS REAL and it is scary. It tends to happen to me while in the car; either driving or just being a passenger. It feels like the car is moving too fast when it’s only moving at 40 km/h and I feel like the car is gonna crash and my head will explode. That’s exactly how I feel when my panic attacks came.

To be honest, I thought panic attack was just a myth at first. My eldest sister has been experiencing with it since 3 years ago (as far as I remember) and her explanations about the weird sensation she felt matched 90% of how my panic attack feels. How do I know it was panic attacks? I Googled it (duh!). And how do I keep myself sane during the attacks? First rule of no-panic-attacks, don’t think about panic attacks. When it fails (and the panic attacks came), I tricked my mind that it’s gonna be okay and nothing bad is going to happen and the panic attacks are not real they’re just weird things created by my sub-conscious to fuck me up.

But thanks to myself that it rarely happened to me in these few weeks. I managed to control my mind to not think of it, and when the thoughts came I managed to push them away. Let’s get happy!