August: Independence Month.

by reenaissance


It’s the end of August and it makes me a bit sad, because August is my favourite month of all. Reasons: My birthday and my parents’ wedding anniversary. Which date, you ask? 6th of August and yes, both are on the same date! Pretty neat, huh? And August is also the independence month for Malaysia, kinda, because our country’s independence day fell on the last day of August.

Talking about independence day, I went to the cinema this evening with my sister and her husband. And since the independence day is around the corner, the cinema management decided to play our national theme song right before every movies. So this evening while watching trailers and waiting for our movie, there was this one group of Chinese teenagers sitting quite near to us and they were hell noisy and annoying. They talked and chuckled at everything and I don’t even understand why but I guess that’s just how fun it feels to be surrounded by your group of friends, right? ( I tend to be like that too when I’m with my friends lol) So after a few minutes, our national theme was about to start and of course the audience have to stand up and sing together to show respect and that was the moment I expected those Chinese groupies to make fun of the song BUT, I was wrong. They stood up straight, annoying chuckles gone like a dust in the wind, and they actually stopped talking to each other during the national theme were played.  So my point is, I was amazed by what just happened. Not all annoying teenagers are disrespectful, that’s what I thought. On that moment there was a brief faith in humanity was stored. Of course not everyone stood up during the song and it kinda annoys me. What about me, you ask? Of course I stood up :p BTW we watched The Purge and all I can say is I hate the movie and I have a feeling that the movie was inspired by The Hunger Games.

And also, I have a couple of pictures to share with you fellow readers and as usual, I will let the pictures do the talking starting from now!



Been listening to this album during the early days of the month. Probably because I watched too much of Brendon Urie’s Vine videos :p






Celebrated first day of Eid at Grandmama’s house. Oh I miss her already 🙂



Best horror movie I have ever seen in my whole goddamn life. Not to mention it is based on true story too! (Yup I took a picture of it in the cinema!)



It’s official you guys! I have a Daft Club card. I am the biggest Daft Punk fan ever 🙂



Getting creative with my nails last night. I tried the cartoon-like nail art, not too shabby eh?