Hi all. About 2 weeks ago, I had a dream where one of my upper molar teeth fell off. 70% of the tooth fell off naturally and 30% of the remaining stayed on my gum so I took it out using a pair of pincers. I don’t know where this originated from but here where I live, some people believed that dreaming of one’s tooth to fall off indicates that someone you know in your life will die soon. Of course I panicked when I got up from that dream. Actually, I refused to believe such prophecies but I have heard first-hand experience from a close friend of mine where he dreamt of the same dream that I had, and after a few weeks someone in his family died. I thought that it was a coincidence that these things just happened to occur in that order. Yeah, I was never a fan of things like dream interpretations or “tafsir mimpi” as we say it in Malay, but ladies and gentlemen, the world keep on revolving and some things tend to change. 

One of my relatives passed away in the last 3 days.

To be honest I almost forgot about the dream until my sister brought it up. “Didn’t you dreamt about one of your teeth falling off last time? Maybe the tafsir mimpi is right all along.” I really refuse to believe these were all connected but it’s just eerie to think about it. And then right after the very sad death news, another one came up. So in the past three days, I have two of my relatives passed away. And then I remembered that the tooth in my dream fell off twice; one naturally and one I extracted it out. I don’t know if I am making any sense but do you get me? One tooth, fell off twice, and two deaths.

I have to say this experience kinda stirred my take on this whole dream interpretations thing. Maybe if it involves teeth then it will be believable but if it involves other things like seeing a snake in your dream indicates bad omen or anything like that, that I will not believe. Well, I couldn’t say that yet unless I’ve dreamt of one but no worries, I will write a post about it if it did ever happen. 

I pray for my late relatives to be blessed by Allah swt, bless the families that they have left behind, and may them placed in Jannah. Amiin.