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Just Like Heaven

I decided to create another cover for one of my favourite song, which shares the same name with this post, only sang by The Cure. It’s rather a “lazy cover”, everything is my first take. I personally love it (not because I think I’m cool) but I am really in love with the song, hopefully I can do a full cover of it next time. Enjoy!


My Music Collections

Hello World! I’m turning over a new leaf for this blog, I think there won’t be anymore emotional posts, I realized it just shows how vulnerable I am. So I think I’ve put an end to it, hopefully it won’t happen again in the future 🙂 So I was cleaning up my messy room this evening and I got distracted by a box. It’s not just an ordinary box, I think I’ve kept all my happiness in there! Is it even possible? :p Anyhow here’s my happiness box if you like to see it:


Yup, it’s my happiness box. Wanna see what’s inside? Read my post’s title! I don’t have much but it’s enough to make me smile everytime I look at them. Here they are:

IMG_2294 IMG_2293 IMG_2292

My favourite cd to hold. It consists of two sides, Hvarf and Heim. So the cd is called Hvarf-Heim, and it’s a masterpiece by Sigur Rós.


These are my other Sigur Rós collections.


The Cure part 1. Interesting fact: the upper-left cd is my favourite Pornography ever! Okay actually the album’s name is Pornography, I don’t have any idea why they named it that way, maybe the name sounds pretty catchy :p and next to it is Japanese Whispers, one of the best. And then under Pornography is Disintegration, it’s one of my favourite album of all time.


The Cure part 2. Yes I switched the Maneki Neko figure with my rubik’s cube :p Btw the lower right cd is not an album, it’s a single called Friday I’m In Love.


The Cure part 3. I never know if these vinyls really worked because I don’t have a vinyl player, too bad. But they’re still a nice add to my music collections.


My other CDs. I know I have a lot more but I don’t know where I keep the rest of it, they’re probably asleep in our house’s store room.

One of my 2013 resolution is to add up my music collections, I know I can do this. Probably the only resolution that is possible to be achieved lol. I have a lot more in my list, I just need proper time and amount of $$ to get them. Someday I  might need a bigger happiness box, maybe it’s time to look for one!